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If you would like us to review the possibility of a claim, please provide the facts and circumstances surrounding your case; Please state the extent of your injuries, if any. The more information that we have from the onset, the better our understanding of the case and, therefore, the more in-depth our evaluation of the case and its merits can be.

I understand and affirm by checking the following box that neither the submission of a question to Harris Law Office nor the rendering of a response from Harris Law Office creates an attorney-client relationship.  This questionnaire is intended for information purposes only.  An attorney-client relationship does not begin until a valid Attorney Retainer Agreement is signed by all parties.  Accepted

Harris Law Office provides free initial consultations in personal injury and wrongful death matters subject to reasonable time limits and appointment availability.  All initial consultation requests are prescreened for availability.  Consultations may be conducted by phone or internet inquiry at the option of Harris Law Office.

We do not provide free consultations in domestic, commercial, contract and other practice areas. 

Thank you for completing this form.  We make every effort to respond to inquiries within 24 to 48 hours.   At times, however, we have commitments in other matters which may preclude us from responding within this time frame.  In those instances, we will endeavor to response as soon as possible.


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